Altech Webinar: Smells Like Challenges: Ontario’s New Odour Guidelines for Industry

Change is in the air, again. The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) is proposing imposing new requirements on Ontario industry when expanding, relocating, amending their air permits, or when seeking a renewable energy approval. Changes include a requirement for an Odour Technology Benchmarking Report for specified facilities. For any industry with the potential to emit odour mixtures, even those that have never had an odour complaint, this may prove restrictive and expensive.

Altech’s webinar will take our Clients through the highlights, and the low-lights, of the proposed new odour guidance and how it will impact your facility, and when. Our guest speakers will also touch on the implications to expansion of some facilities under MECP’s new Land Use Compatibility requirements, and how Ontario’s proposal to certify Odour Labs could change the odour regulations field forever.

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