City of Toronto Making Brownfield Policy Update

The City of Toronto has its own policies and procedures for reviewing and accepting potentially contaminated lands that are to be conveyed to the City, under the Planning Act, typically during redevelopment projects. Part of these policies are: what Environmental…

Amendments to Drinking Water Regulations

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is proposing more amendments to the Drinking Water Regulation (O. Reg. 169/03) and Drinking-Water Systems Regulation (O. Reg. 170/03) to include water testing requirements. This is following a recent amendment to implement drinking-water…

Municipal Sewer Bylaw Enforcement

Municipalities have stepped up enforcement of sewer bylaw limits. Altech specializes in evaluating and designing fully operational process wastewater treatment systems for compliance with bylaw standards and to eliminate sewer surcharge agreements. We have numerous installations for controlling discharge to…

Ontario to Triple Hazardous Waste Tonnage Fee by 2017

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