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Environmental compliance in Ontario is costly, cumbersome, and constantly changing. Are you unknowingly at risk?  Altech offers complimentary environmental compliance walkthroughs, to help you identify relevant environmental regulations.  We’ve helped many plastics manufacturing facilities expertly identify, and resolve environmental challenges, establish due diligence, and stay in compliance.  

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Are you post-COVID ready?

As we inch closer to a post-COVID world, the likelihood of MECP inspection, and other enforcement action will increase.  Action from recent inspections in the plastics sector have required facilities to retain qualified consultants to:

  1. Create written operation and maintenance procedures, complaints and record-keeping procedures.
  2. and provide a training program for company representatives that are responsible for environmental compliance.

In order to help our clients prevent this, or similar ordered actions, Altech offers custom compliance management services  to support the terms of your MECP approvals, as well as any other annual environmental reporting needs (i.e. NPRI).  Services vary by facility but typically include annual environmental reporting, tools to help track plant modifications, development of the operations, maintenance, complaints and record-keeping procedures required by MECP, and best practice plans development.

We know staying on top of changing environmental regulations and how they apply to your facility isn’t easy. That’s why we prepare quarterly regulatory reports that are regionally and sector specific.  The report aggregates all the changes in environmental regulations at the different levels in one comprehensive document. 

Altech’s team of environmental engineers and consultants visits more than 200 facilities a year, helping companies like yours stay in compliance.   Connect with us today to schedule your free walkthrough.


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