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Hammond Manufacturing

Client Name: Hammond Manufacturing
Industry Sector: Electronics
Service Area: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Project Number: 6084-18
Project Name: Indoor Air Quality IAQ) Sampling & Evaluation
Project Description:

Hammond is a publicly traded company on the TMX (HMM.A) and is headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Hammond has offices around the World, including facilities in Canada, USA, UK and Taiwan. Hammond offers a broad range of standard products, modification services and technical support to electrical and electronic manufacturers, utilities and institutions through a global network of agents and distributors. Altech has worked with Hammond for 10+ years, and in 2018 conducted Indoor Air Quality Sampling for 6 sites, including their expanded welding and grinding area at its headquarters in Guelph to ensure the compliance and safety of its workers.

Altech’s Scope of Work included:
1.Visit the site and familiarize the plant staff involved with what work will be performed
2.Supply and set up the sampling media and air sampling pumps for the samples
3.Collect the samples of air at 3 locations
4.Submission of the samples to a qualified laboratory for analysis of airborne metals
5.Receive the laboratory results, tabulate and compare the results to relevant standards and prepare a written letter report with results and assessment of employee exposure.

Altech effectively identified that there were not any concerns from the results, and recommended that Hammond continue to monitor the air quality in the plant, and to respond to employee concerns of potential exposure in the working areas. Hammond was delivered a report that provided 3rd party validation from specialized engineers, which ensures the safety of their workers and maintains compliance for their expanded operations to continue.

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