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Highview Financial

Client Name: Highview Financial
Industry Sector: Financial & Development
Service Area: Auditing (COVID-19)
Project Number: 6669-20
Project Name: COVID-19 Return to Office Policy
Project Description:

In 2020, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic impacted Canada and Ontario for several months and businesses have been returning employees to their premises in a varied fashion according to geographic area (i.e. regional COVID-19 infection rate), and the individual needs of each business. Highview Financial Group was preparing for the return to the workplace and retained Altech to review its premises, provide initial recommendations, and prepare a Best Management Practice (BMP) report to assist in returning safely to your workspace.

Altech’s BMP report outlined preparations made to the premises, provided a summary of information about the virus that causes COVID-19, and presented best practices and protocols for maintaining employee health and safety while occupying the workplace during the pandemic.

Altech delivered a report that ultimately helped Highview Financial Group ensure that their staff were protected, their workplace was safe, and that their organization was in compliance with COVID-19 health guidelines as they prepared to reopen.

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