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Samuel Associated Tube Group

Client Name: Samuel Associated Tube Group
Industry Sector: Metal Processing
Service Area: Remediation
Project Number: 6081-18
Project Name: Indoor Air Quality IAQ) Sampling & Evaluation
Project Description:

Altech Environmental Consulting Ltd. (Altech ) was retained by Samuel’s Associated Tube Group (ATG) to complete Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sampling and testing for determining maximum worker exposure at their site in Ontario to ensure safety and compliance to relevant standards.

Altech’s scope of work included:
1.Site Visit
2.Supplied and set up the sampling media and air sampling pumps
3.Collected area samples of air for analysis of n-propyl bromide, consistent with the NIOSH Method 1025.
4.Recorded the duration and frequency that workers are inside
5.Submited the samples to a qualified, accredited laboratory
6.Tabulated and compared the test results to relevant standards – the Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs), (2018 MOL, Reg.833)
7.Prepared a letter report including a description of the methodology used, sampling details, results and findings, and conclusions.

Samuel s Associated Tube Group used Altech’s IAQ study to implement protocols to protect workers and ensure compliance at their site by wearing Protective Personal Equipment (PPE).

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