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TS Tech

Client Name: TS Tech
Industry Sector: Automotive & Aerospace
Service Area: Water & Wastewater
Project Number: 5884-17
Project Name: Oil & Grit Separator (OGS) Inspection and Wastewater Sampling
Project Description:

At the request of the Town of Newmarket, Ontario, TS Tech installed an Oil and Grit Separator (OGS) unit to capture oil and grit that may accumulate in stormwater effluent flowing from the property. The main source of stormwater flowing through the separator is rainwater collected through catch basins located in the paved exterior areas. TS Tech hired Altech to monitor, access and investigate the separator unit twice over a 1-year period to ensure performance and compliance.

Altech conducting wastewater sampling and inspected the unit as well as the surrounding area to determine its performance and any required modifications. Altech conducted a thorough inspection including the accumulation of oil, grit and/or sediment within the chamber, and observed the inlet and outlet flows with measurements to identify the liquid/solid levels within the unit to deliver a report in Q2 and Q4 that year.

Based on Altech’s analysis and engineering evaluation, a cleanout protocol was recommended based on sediment accumulation levels. The reports from both visits were shared with the Town of Newmarket as proof of performance and compliance for TS Tech’s installed Oil and Grit separator.

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