COVID-19 Return-To-Work Risk Assessment and Audit Services

To help ensure that your staff are protected, your workplace is safe, and your organization is in compliance with COVID-19 health guidelines as you prepare to reopen, Altech professional engineers and scientists are offering expert facility auditing, sampling of surfaces and airflow, as well as the delivery of workspace programming and communications. These services are supported through specialized risk seminars and management procedures tailored to your workplace environment. 

Audit/Sampling of Sanitized Surfaces and Airflow

Covid-19 Sanitization Oversight and Sampling

  • Oversee scheduled sanitation.
  • Complete a management-approved sampling program for the presence/absence of coronavirus particles, and have samples tested at a certified biolaboratory.

Building Ventilation Systems Audit

  • Complete a professional engineering assessment of your existing ventilation systems, ventilation equipment scheduled maintenance program for compliance with guidelines published by ASHRAE and the WHO.
  • Make practical recommendations as needed.

Workspace Programming and Communication

Design and Deliver a Workspace Program

  • Review facility entry and workplace traffic flow and procedures to minimize exposure pathways.
  • Review staff return-to-work procedures (e.g. alternating scheduling, distancing) and make modifications/recommendations as required.
  • Determine high-risk contact points in your workplace, and recommend an ongoing sampling and testing plan.

Develop Communications-Ready Materials

  • Deliver a summary of the Audited Plan and Protocols to help communicate with stakeholders (staff, vendors, clients and tenants).

Specialized Risk Seminars and Management Procedures

Risk Briefing Seminars for Management/EH&S Team

  • Provide fully-referenced e-training and information on responsibilities and liabilities, details about the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself, how it spreads, and how to control and mitigate staff exposure.

Risk Management Procedures

  • Review your firm’s COVID-19 risk mitigation procedures for adherence to WHO and Health Canada Guidelines.
  • Audit existing procedures and/or develop new procedures.
  • Provide a detailed written report on the results, findings and recommendations.

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