Water and Wastewater Services

We work hard to meet the day-to-day operating needs of operations management with creative, cost-effective solutions. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of equipment and procedures to ensure you are getting the most out of existing facilities.

Industrial Wastewater

  • Water and wastewater predictive modeling tools, including treatment system operating performance optimization models.
  • Negotiations with municipalities for compliance and/or sewer surcharges.
  • Evaluation and/or Optimization of existing wastewater treatment systems.
  • Minimization of water use and waste generation.
  • Evaluation of wastewater composition, flow, and variability.
  • Evaluation of treatment alternatives and development of conceptual designs.
  • Production of detailed designs and specifications.
  • Provision of Construction and Project Management.
  • Design, construction, and operation of flow through pilot testing facilities.
  • Design and installation of remote monitoring technologies.
  • System Start up and Operator Training.
  • Completion of Permits for Direct Discharge.

Process Water

  • Assessment of current and future process water needs.
  • Identification and evaluation of recycling and water minimization opportunities.
  • Assessment of current and future heat load and flow needs for cooling water.
  • Design and/or troubleshooting of problems with capacity and efficiency for both cooling towers and chillers.
  • Production of conceptual and/or detailed designs and specifications.

Water Treatment and Drinking Water Protection

  • Assessment of compliance with regulatory Drinking Water Standards.
  • Assessment of water treatment procedures and physical facilities for compliance.
  • Troubleshooting and optimization of chlorination systems.
  • Evaluation of process water sufficiency requirements.
  • Hydrogeological evaluation of ground water supply and quality.
  • Turnkey treatment system for potable water design and installation.
  • Preparation of equipment specifications and bid packages.
  • Turnkey construction and installation of systems.

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