EcoEngineers Study Demonstrates Significant Carbon Intensity and Energy Benefits from CHAR’s High Temperature Pyrolysis Technology

Toronto – August 10, 2020 – EcoEngineers, a leading renewable energy consulting firm and USEPA approved auditor, recently completed a study which evaluated the carbon intensity (CI) impact of CharTech Solutions High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) technology. The study found that when CHAR’s turnkey HTP system is used to treat the digestate effluent from anaerobic digesters that produce Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), there was a significant enhancement of the CI score, with a range from 19 to 35 grams of CO 2, eq per Megajoule for the reference case of a typical dairy operation.

Dr. Zhichao Wang, the Senior Engineer and Carbon Analyst for Eco Engineers, said “At an LCFS Credit Price of $200/MT CO 2, this result represents an additional LCFS credit revenue of $4 to $7.50 per MMBtu of RNG.” Dr. Wang reviewed the information provided by CHAR Technologies for its HTP technology and combined it with the assumptions of a typical dairy manure biogas to RNG project. As an example, over a 10-year project lifespan, a 12,000-cow dairy RNG operation can realize a 2-year payback period and generate over $50 million in additional revenue by integrating CHAR’s HTP System to convert digestate into valuable outputs. “This study provides expert third party validation of what CharTech had calculated internally, that the deployment of High Temperature Pyrolysis has tangible environmental and operational benefits that also allows clients to realize enhanced pricing for their Renewable Natural Gas” said Andrew White, CEO of CHAR Technologies.

The results reinforce CHAR’s leadership in environmental technologies, specifically in the development and use of advanced HTP technology. As proven by the EcoEngineers report, the syngas and heat generated by the HTP process can be effectively used to offset non-renewable on-site energy requirements, while the biocarbon output can be used as a biocoal energy source, as an activated charcoal to treat hydrogen sulfide and odour, or as a high-value soil amendment product with additional carbon sequestration benefits.

The Eco Engineers study can be downloaded here.

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