Pollution Prevention Plans for City of Toronto Set to Change

The City of Toronto is considering making Pollution Prevention Plan requirements by Toronto industry less onerous and costly.

Under Toronto’s Sewers current By-Law Chapter 681, Section 5, Pollution Prevention Planning, every Toronto industry that discharges any amount of a subject pollutant is required to submit a Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan to the City. This is to acknowlede the discharge of that subject pollutant and steps being taken to reduce or eliminate that pollutant. By setting threshold limits, the City can eliminate the requirement of industries to report trace amounts of subject pollutants that may be present in their effluent.

One proposed threshold under discussion is 25% of the limit. That is, any industry having a concentration of any of the long list of subject pollutants in their wastewater that is below 25% of the sewer by-law limit, will no longer be required to submit a P2 Plan to the City. This move is to save industry money, and reduce the time burden on City staff for reviewing and approving P2 Plans being submitted.

For advice, contact Altech’s Wastewater P2 Engineering team, at 416-467-5555 or info@altech-group.com. For a full copy of the current Bylaw, Click Here.

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